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just kidding (kinda). welcome to the home of all of my pokemon tier lists! i figured it was more efficient somehow to have all my hot takes consolidated onto one page, so welcome to the corner of pokepinions!!!!!!!! (name is still a work in progress.)

on this page we support: gimmick pokemon // stall teams // switch teams // cottonee // pikaclones // smeargle // FEAR rattata // dmax magikarp // edgy mons // zoroark // ditto // explosion pokemon // fairy types // general degeneracy // jirachi // celebi // mimikyu!

p a g e  d i r e c t o r y :  

tier lists- starters and evolutions | legendaries and mythicals | ignore this one | [REDACTED] | fairy types | ghost types | pikaclones

other- friend corner :) | external links (more to come, check back soon !!)

starters and evolutions:

starters and evolutions tier list


legendaries and mythicals:

legendaries and mythicals tier list


bad list please ignore:

(markiplier voice) does this make me a furry?


[REDACTED] tier list:

ranking pokemon anime characters but i'm a lesbian


fairy types:

fairy types tier list


ghost types:

ghost types tier list



pikaclones tier list


 friend corner !!!!!!! pet a friend :) (←---- click 2 get ur own !!!!! it's free ;3) guides, calculators, assets and more | news, updates and forum discussions | MASSIVE database of any and all things pokemon | bulbapedia | dogasu's backpack: database of the japanese franchise | secret code generator: database of unlock codes for in-game content by generation | johto redrawn: consolidated fanmade showcase of the entire johto region | type charts by generation | spritedex: complete database of every sprite from every game

this list is always growing, so check back soon for more! if you have a pokemon-related site that you think belongs on this page, you can submit it here. thanks for visiting!!!!!!