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welcome 2 the rawring 20s babey!!!!!!!!!!

hi !!! thanks 4 visiting my webspace!! this site is still under construction, so many links and pages may be broken or unfinished, and many graphics and embeds may be placeholders or poorly functioning. this is temporary!!! feel free to poke around in the meantime, i bet you'll find something fun :3 guestbook is finally up!! go leave a comment and check out the live chat as well =3
DISCLAIMER: this site is SUPER not formatted for mobile yet. not only does it look like garbage but it also Doesn't Work XP so don't try it lol

to-do list:

  • footer
  • backgrounds
  • shrines
  • blog page
  • fun stuffz pagez
  • about the sit3
  • reformat linkz page
  • contact
  • blogroll
  • replace widget
  • find a better source for poll embeds
  • add page icons
  • (maybe) find a less horrendous replacement for the fan leaf snowflakes that doesn't make the site load like shit
  • give a cookie for finding hidden messages
  • make buttons actually do things i may have cheated but the outcome is sufficient by my standards
  • sidebar on pokemon page
  • commentz
  • search bar
have a suggestion for how i can improve the site that isn't on this list? leave a comment and let me know!! just keep in mind that i have no idea what i'm doing xp

recent sit3 updatez:

  • [09/06/22] graphics library is up, updated (reformatted) the socials tab
  • [08/06/22] comments page is functional!! take a look and try it yourself X3
  • [06/06/22] sidebar on pokemon page is officially up and running! it will probably change in the near future, but at least there isn't an empty column on the left side of the page anymore Xp check it out and try the new live chat (+ let me know what thoughts you have!!)
  • [05/06/22] added a (functioning) top of page button for long pages (currently only the pokemon page)
  • [03/06/22] added a full team's worth of gifypets to the pokemon page. go show them some love!!!!!
  • [01/06/22] happy pride!! added "fun" tab and created pokemon tiers page (still unfinished) w/ directory.
  • added updates section
  • fixed scrolling on homepage textboxes
  • added to-do list
  • added a gifypet :) say hello to mimikyu!!!!!
  • cleaned up snowflakes a little (i know they are still horrendous but they're Better i swear)
  • added hit counter & online counter
for more information, check out the bL0g!!! :0 you found me!! good job X3

trans resources | the satanic temple (abortion/reproductive health) | asians do therapy | black female therapists, black male therapists, | | (indigenous therapy) | ntl queer + trans therapists of color ntwk | callen-lorde (nyc queer + trans resources) | black immigrants bail fund, freedom for immigrants bail fund, protester bail funds (US and CA)